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5 Minute Guide to Search Maker Pro

Install and run the application.

On page 1 of the wizard leave the "Index a whole web site" option selected and click "Next >>".

On page 2, enter the URL of a web site on the Internet, or browse to a web site stored locally on your hard disk or CD/DVD.  For best results you should choose the initial "home page" as the first page to index.

Click "Finish".  You will be taken to page 7 where the web site will be indexed.  Search Maker Pro will follow links to all pages on the website as we are using the default options.

Next you will be taken to the final page 9.  You can preview and save the generated search HTML file.  If your chosen web site has over 6 pages and you have not registered then you will first be taken to page 8 to review the pages that will be included in the HTML file.

You can now place the file on your website and link to it.  The default options used are to use relative links, so the file should be placed in the same folder as the initial page you specified.