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Advanced Settings

Search Maker Pro accesses a file called ‘searchmp.ini’ when it starts.  This file contains advanced settings that allow you to customise the way the application works.

To change these settings edit the file in a text editor.

Valid Extensions

Search Maker Pro is designed to index textual information embedded in HTML markup.  Files are marked for indexing depending on their file extension.  By default html, htm, shtml, shtm, asp, txt and text files are indexed.  You can remove any of these or add to them by editing the searchmp.ini file.

Script Functions

Search Maker Pro will follow links to other pages for indexing.  To do this it needs to be able to parse the "href" addresses that are contained in the html.  This is not always obvious as the piece of text can also contain script functions.  These functions are identified here.  If you are using a function that has not already been identified in the ini file and it is resulting in incorrect addresses, then add it to this section of the ini file.

Ignored Tags

The text that appears on a page when HTML is parsed is usually the text that is not contained in <tags>.  There are exceptions to this rule, such as <script> and <style>.  These require the application to ignore everything in between the opening and closing of the tags.  If there is information between the opening and closing of a tag that you do not want indexed, then add it to this section of the ini file.

Encryption Root

The JavaScript that is embedded in the produced HTML file is encrypted by default.  The word that is used as the root of this encryption can be changed by altering the value in this section.  The default word is "searchmaker".  Only registered versions allow the word to be changed.

Command Line Switches

The creation of the search.html file can be automated by using command line switches when launching the application. In this way the updating of the search engine can be automated and integrated into the business process you use.

/o <smp configuration file> Open a previously saved Search Maker Pro configuration file.
/s <full filename> Save the generated search.html file. The full filename must be provided, such as C:My DocumentsWebrootsearch.html. If this switch is not used then the file is saved to C:search.html
/m1 Minimize the size of the generated file using option 1, "Remove all body text".
/m2 <number of chars> Minimize the size of the generated file using option 2, "Specify maximum number of characters to index for each page".
/m3 <max file size (KB)> Minimize the size of the generated file using option 3, "Specify maximum size of search.html file".