Server side search engines such as AltaVista are very useful in many situations.  However people often wish to be able to search actual sites and not the whole Internet.  This is not usually possible for smaller websites:
  • You can provide search server side facilities if you have cgi scripting permission.  However this is usually expensive and inevitably complex.

  • Microsoft FrontPage provides built in "Search Bots" to provide search facilities. This only works if your Internet Provider is running FrontPage extensions on their server.  Very few are for security reasons.

  • You can use a global search engine to provide search facilities on your site.  However most engines will only index a small part of a site and all are very slow at updating the indexed content.

Search Maker Pro overcomes these problems by creating an HTML page that contains JavaScript.  The JavaScript runs on the browser’s computer and carries out any searches.  No searching or calculation is needed to be done on the server at all.

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