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Search Maker Pro™ – Create a search engine for any web site. 

Logo Search Maker Pro will create a single html file that is a fully functional search engine for your website or CD/DVD. Simply place this file on your site to provide full search facilities for your visitors!

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The examples page shows the various ways Search Maker Pro can be used.

Search Maker Pro 3.2 Features and Benefits:

Simple to Setup and Use

  • Can create a working search engine in under a minute!

  • No server software, server installation or server cgi access required.

  • No programming required.

  • User friendly wizard based interface.

  • The easiest-to-use search engine software for creating a site search script!

Easy to Customize

  • Huge choice of options to make the search engine fit your website.

  • Search result page formatting is fully configurable.

  • Stylesheet and template support.

  • Boolean and wildcard search provisions.

  • Build the search engine that you want!

Compatible with Your Website

  • Indexes many file types including Acrobat (pdf), Word (doc, rtf), Excel (xls) and PowerPoint (ppt), all HTML and Text.

  • Generated search engine will work on ANY website, webserver or platform (Microsoft, Unix, Macintosh, Linux, IIS, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Apache).

  • Indexes sites on the Internet or on local storage (CDDVD)

  • Generated search engine is compatible with all common browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla).

  • No Java or ActiveX required, only browser standard JavaScript.

  • Make a search engine that fully integrates with your site!


  • Scalable to 100s of pages (the only limit is the power of the client’s machine).

  • Advanced search page allows users to perform advanced searches.

  • Create a local offline search engine for CD and DVD publishing, with no distribution fees.

  • Save and load search configurations for easy maintenance of search pages.

  • Full control over manipulation of indexes including stop and duplicate word support

  • Automate the update of indexes using command line options.

  • Generated search engine is fully translatable.

  • Indexes <meta> tags and Dublin Core metadata!

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