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Version History


Added support for Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Added XP interface style support.
New option to export list of unindexed links (404 and other errors).


Support for indexing the Title, Subject (Description) and Keywords from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat pdf documents. This enables these documents to display and be searched better. Indexing of these elements can be controlled from the advanced options menu.

Export indexes to XML option.

Support for more file formats: Works (wps,xlr) , Inkwriter (pwi), PocketWord (pwd,psw), Write (wri)

New Alter Indexes option to convert relative links to absolute. You can now quickly index a site on disk using relative links, and use this option to convert to absolute links with your websites domain.

Better indexing of dynamic pages and parameterized URLs.

Better indexing of sub domains of the format

Added option to index URLs in drop down navigation lists.


Support for Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files.

Support for Microsoft Word (doc, rtf, dot), Microsoft Excel (xls, xlt) and Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt, pps, pot) files.

Boolean search option (search for all words "as a phrase" or for "any of the words").

Support for HTML templates and stylesheets.

Full control over the formatting and style of each search engine text element, including stylesheet support.

Customize which elements (Title, Description, URL, Content) to search and which of those elements will actually be searched when a user performs a search.

Advanced Search Page export option allows a fully featured search page to be created. This will allow your users to perform advanced searches.

The following elements can appear on the advanced form: Split HTML and JavaScript export option to save the JavaScript indexes and search code into a separate .js file.

Export Indexes option to export index data into other applications.

Merge multiple search engines into a single search engine using Import Indexes option.

Stop Word List support allows lists of words to be excluded from the indexes.
Full control over editing, exporting and importing of stop word lists.

Remove Duplicate Words option to allow small efficient search engines.

Full control over the editing of indexes using other methods: Text based files are now indexed separately from HTML files. Image based files can now be optionally indexed.

Translation feature allows all search engine text to be translated into different languages or to use different phrasing. Support for export and import of translations.

Menu based system for enhanced ease of use.

The "description" element can now be matched to any <meta> tag.

The following advanced settings have been added: Support for Dublin Core Metadata Initiative <meta> tags. These are appended to the content with the <meta> tag descriptor. Supported tags are: DC.Title, DC.Creator, DC.Subject, DC.Description, DC.Publisher, DC.Contributor, DC.Date, DC.Type, DC.Format, DC.Identifier, DC.Source, DC.Language, DC.Relation, DC.Coverage, DC.Rights. Any of the Dublin Core tags can be mapped to the "description" field.


Added Header and Footer template options. These allow you to define HTML that appears before and after the results page and the initial search page. Using these you can customize the search engine to exactly match your website style.

Added international  character support. The full range of the Latin-1 character set (such as ê, ñ, ç, ß) are now stored in a format that allows them to be searched properly.

Improved text capturing of HTML pages.

Main window is now sizable. This is especially useful at the indexing and reviewing stages.

Included optional absolute to relative conversion for pages that contain absolute links to local storage (hard disk/CD/DVD).

Better support for matched quotes. These can now be limited to show a set maximum.

Included "Add All" support for adding groups of files from folders and subfolder with defined file types. This can be used at both the "add pages to index" and "exclude list" stages. Files can also now be batch removed from these lists.

New wildcard support for excluding groups of files and web pages from the indexes.

Added better support and privacy for secure (https) and password protected pages.

Added option to show match description (such as " – matched title") when title, description or URL is matched.

Added productivity right click menu when pages are being indexed.

Reduced size of default encrypted JavaScript code.

Included support for <meta name=keyword …> tag.


Speedups in indexing method use. Large pages now index much more quickly.

Added options to customize the size of the generated search.html file. Once the file has been generated you can reduce it in size by: Added advanced customization options:
Added command line switch options. It is now possible to control Search Maker Pro from a command line interface, enabling the automatic updating of the search engine.


Added option to "Minimize Size". This clears the content (body text) information from the indexes and dramatically reduces the size of the generated search.html file if required.

The generated search.html file now includes an authentication key. This is so that technical support queries can verify the search engine if required.


Changed frame behavior of the generated search.html file. Clicking on a link from a results page in a frameset will no longer "break out" of the frames. The pages will be displayed within the frameset.


Fixed minor issue that sometimes resulted in incorrect sortings when using the custom sort order option.


Version 2 public release.

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